Dues Payments

To pay your dues by credit card, click the “Pay Now” button, and enter the amount. (Optionally enter your member ID number, which is located on your dues card.)

  • $144.37 for Lodge dues *

Enter your member number:

Become a Life Member in Perpetuity (LMIP):

  • You no longer pay annual dues, so future dues increases will not affect you.
  • Your Lodge will receive an assessment credit from Grand Lodge every year forever, even after you pass to the Celestial Lodge.
  • You receive a permanent membership card, certificate, and LMIP lapel pin.

To purchase an LMIP, contact the secretary of the Lodge.

You can make a donation here

* Fees

Credit card processing fee of 1.99% plus 49 cents are included. To avoid fees, you can pay by check.

All payments, fees and membership status are subject to verification by the Lodge secretary.

You can use this fee calculator. (Be sure to change the rate under “Fee Rate (monthly sales)” to “1.9% + $0.49”