Hay Market Chapter, No. 123 meets at the Hay Market Masonic Lodge located at 6713 Jefferson Street, Haymarket Virginia on the 1st Thursday at 7:30 pm, (except July and August.)

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Membership in our Order is voluntary. A fundamental principle of membership is an obligation to aid and assist fellow members in time of need. Secret signs and other methods of identifying ourselves are used to recognize one another in maintaining our charitable efforts. Like other Masonic related organizations, the Order of the Eastern Star uses emblems and symbolism to teach moral lessons we use as a guide to make our lives more useful, both to ourselves and to others.

Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron

Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron

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We chose our name from the star, which guided the wise men of old to the manger in Bethlehem. The centerpiece of this symbolism, which you see laid out before you in the room, in an open Bible on an altar surrounded by five chairs so placed as to form a five-pointed, emblematic star.

The Blue Ray of Adah – teaches us the lesson on fidelity to the vows, which we have made to others.

The Yellow Ray of Ruth – teaches us the lesson on constancy and unwavering dependability and devotion to duty in our relations with others.

The White Ray of Esther – teaches us the lessons of loyalty to kindred, friends, our country and our God.

The Green Ray of Martha – teaches us the lesson of faith and trust in a Supreme Beneficent Power.

The Red Ray of Electa – teaches us the lesson of love for others, which we practice through constant acts of charity, concern and loving kindness.

These of course, are not the only great values and virtues of a good life; they are simply lessons we use as a guide. If we would but follow them faithfully, most of the problems of the world, as well as our own problems, would grow faint indeed.

We are not a religious sect, nor a church, nor a substitute thereof, although we individually hold strong religious beliefs. The first requisite for membership is a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, by whatever name the individual may choose.

We are not a patriotic or a political organization, although we are individually patriotic and supportive of our great nation, its flag
and what the flag stands for.

We are not a social organization, although we believe that through the Order we may help to make and strengthen personal friendships, which can lighten the burdens of life, both for others and ourselves.

Who may join: Only men who are Masons are eligible and only women with specific Masonic affiliation may be members. These affiliations include:

  • Affiliated Master Mason in good standing
  • Wives
  • Daughters
  • Legally adopted daughters
  • Daughters-in-law
  • Grandmothers
  • Granddaughters
  • Great granddaughters
  • Mothers
  • Mothers-in-law
  • Widows
  • Sisters
  • Half sisters
  • Step-mothers
  • Step-daughters
  • Step-sisters
  • Sisters-in-law
  • Nieces
  • Great nieces

And daughters of sisters or brothers of affiliated Master Masons in good standing, or if deceased were in good standing at the time of their death; as well as members – either active for three (3) years or majority – of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls or of the International Order of Job’s Daughters, each of whom having attained to at least the age of eighteen (18) years, are eligible to membership in the Order of the Eastern Star.

About the Order Of The Eastern Star

What It Is: The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. Worldwide, there are approximately 1 million members under the General Grand Chapter.

Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values but it is not a religion. Its appeal rests in the true beauty of the refreshing and character-building lessons that are so sincerely portrayed in its ritualistic work. A deep fraternal bond exists between its members.

It is the wholesome relationship of sisterly and brotherly love brought about through high principles exemplified in our lives, which makes us near and dear to each other.

While this is an Order composed of people of deep spiritual convictions, it is open to all faiths, except no faith. The personal welfare of our members is vital to all of those in the Eastern Star and it is considered a privilege to help another member whenever we can.

Purposes. The stated purposes of the organization are: Charitable, Educational, Fraternal and Scientific; but there is much more to it than that. Dr. Rob Morris, the Poet Laureate of Masonry, founded the Order using beautiful and inspiring biblical examples of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the noble principles, which should adorn the personal lives of Eastern Star members. Eastern Star strives to take good people and through uplifting and elevating associations of love and service, and through precept and example, build an Order, which is truly dedicated to charity, truth and loving kindness.

Projects. Concrete evidence of the charitable nature of the organization as it affects others is the millions of dollars, which have been raised within the membership. Eastern Star Chapters donate funds to a wide variety of worthy charities. Some examples are: Cancer Research Project, Arthritis Fund, Heart Fund, Knights Templar, Eye Foundation, Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children, Shriners’ Burns Hospital, Scholarships, donations to the Food Banks, Angel Tree and many other charities within.

Presently there are 117 chapters in Virginia. We are under the Grand Chapter of Virginia, http://easternstar-virginia.org O.E.S. Grand Chapter’s headquarters is located in Richmond. For membership information, e-mail our Grand Secretary at grandchapterofvaoes@verizon.net

Jurisdictions in the Continental United States and Canada are under General Grand Chapter. http://www.easternstar.org General Grand Chapter’s headquarters is located in Washington D.C. New York and New Jersey are not a part of the GGC. They each have a slightly different Ritual and their own set of Laws. GGC and these two states have a harmonious relationship and exchange Grand Representatives with each other, as well as Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland and Grand Chapter of Australia.