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Bill Robinson Bill Robinson wrote on May 25, 2019 at 9:29 am:
By my estimate Ed Ray have approximately 100,000 hours of his life attending lodge meetings to teaching the Work to brothers over a wide area of Prince William and surrounding counties. This estimate does not include time spent teaching ritual in his home so much so the brothers called it “The Grand Lodge of Catharpin” where he lived. It was rumored that his wife, Carole, new more of it than anyone of the rest of us although I don’t know if that is legion or not, but it gives us an idea of her support to us. Nobody knew the Work better than Ed. More than that he taught us the traditions of Craft and how to observe them in our personal life and to be able to preserve them and so we can pass them it down to future generations of Masons. Ed was “The Keeper of the Craft” who will sorely be missed. We are thankful to the Grand Architect of the Universe for letting us have him for his 91 years. RIP Rt. Worshipful William Edward Ray, Sr.