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Dave Bowman Dave Bowman from Midlothian wrote on May 22, 2019 at 6:01 pm:
My family and I moved to Haymarket in 1991. I started my Masonic travels in Covington, Va. When we purchased our home on Venus Court, we kept passing Lodge 313. I visited one called meeting and was hooked and transferred my affiliation. After going through the chairs, I responded to the East in 1996. I knew Ed and respected him greatly prior to meeting with him on a very regular basis prior to taking the East. I would arrive at his home, visit with Carol for a few minutes and then Ed would give me the signal that it was time to go around to the basement. As I stated in an email last night, Ed has the patience of Job when it came to working with me. After about an hour of practice, he would shut us down and we spent the rest of our special time together playing with his trains. RW Ed, you are a Masons Mason and May you Rest In Peace and continue to play with your trains.